Who’s in charge of protecting one of America’s most treasured parks? All of us.

Who’s in charge of protecting one of America’s most
treasured parks?
All of us.

Zion National Park is more popular than ever. Year over year the impacts of visitation are exceeding the resources available. It would be easy to point fingers, instead one group raised their hand.

First established in 1929 ZNHA (Zion Natural History Association) runs the park education programs and bookstores, as ZCFI (Zion Canyon Field Institute) they lead hands-on nature studies, as ZNPF (Zion National Park Foundation) they are tasked with raising money for the park. Three faces for one organization.


Getting to the root of the matter

Through an extensive months long survey with staff, volunteers, board members, corporate partners and Park Administration, we established consensus of motivation and aspiration for the organization as a whole. This enabled conviction within the group and a readiness to explore a unifying name change but more importantly a confirmation of vision and direction.

No longer simply education materials, in-park PSA’s and book store operators, the time came for this heritage organization to lead. Unifying around a single designation, the Zion National Park Forever Project has shed any misconceptions of aloofness, bureaucracy or institutionalism.

After nearly 90 years this budding organization has finally found it's stride.


“Bondir masterfully guided us through what was simultaneously an excruciating, soul searching, and ultimately revelatory experience that has led to our new name, our new brand, and what we feel is the perfect platform for us to launch into a new era of support for Zion National Park.”

Lyman Hafen, Executive Director

A designation. A cause. A call to action.

The more consequential the cause the heavier a name becomes. This one is steeped in meaning and grows with significance over time. We know because it spent nearly a year in incubation.

While the Zion National Park Forever Project is a mouthful, it is a mouthful of substance. Including “National Park” emphasizes this effort is legitimate—this is no basement run operation this is the official non-profit partner of the park. “Forever” means this cause needs continual attention and the importance has impact across generations. “Project” by itself can feel cold, but speaks to action and collaboration and when paired with forever it emphasizes a call to action that doesn’t end. A call which extends internationally to all who care for this most reverenced sanctuary.

Use their full name or just call them the Forever Project, no matter which combination of words you use, it’s all good.

“Bondir was and remains a deeply committed partner to us, and their service to Zion National Park will be deeply felt for generations. Their team brought us exemplary writing, creative and strategy—along with a skill for full collaboration across diverse participants. We needed full buy in from our staff and park partner to succeed in our rebrand process and we have it in large measure, because of Bondir’s leadership and architecture.”

Mark Preiss, Project Director

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