There is no conveyor belt in Bondir’s studio, but we do operate within a framework that guides our efforts and leads to stellar brand development.

We believe Dolly said it best when she said, “Figure out who you are, then do it on purpose.”

Here’s what that looks like to us:
We create momentum, take creative risks, and push boundaries to problem solve in ways that inspire.
We create momentum, take creative risks, and push boundaries to problem solve in ways that inspire.

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Core Identity
Before we explore look, feel, or expressions, we want to know why your brand matters. Every brand has a distinct purpose and spirit— or soul and substance as we like to call them— and we’re here to unearth and cultivate this special core.
The most impactful brands are as memorable as real-life people, and your brand is a person we want to deeply know so we can make it can shine in a way that cuts through the noise.
Cultivating core identity from the get-go holds limitless value, so whenever possible, we begin our efforts here.

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Brand Architecture
Brands with rock-solid architecture stand the test of time. Architecture is where we develop foundational assets like logo, type, color, and language and messaging systems and guidelines— all flowing from your brand’s unique core.
The most memorable brands have this “signature” sense of self that flows through ever-evolving applications.

We understand the importance of setting the right rhythm, so when we turn up the dial it’s an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind sound.

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Brand Expression
While brand architecture is the collection of elements, systems, and standards that govern the look and feel of a brand, brand expressions are touch points crafted to reach specific audiences for a particular purpose.
Brands are always releasing new brand expressions, whether it’s a social media post, a website, or a sponsorship board in the high school gym. Brand expressions are where the brand architecture is consistently but uniquely applied, building credibility and brand equity.

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Brand Relationships
So how do you put all of those Brand Expressions to work, you might ask? Why, by determining and building Brand Relationships:
While we all love the idea of a universally-loved brand, brand equity is built over time by laser-focus efforts that win specific hearts.
Understanding exactly who we need to connect with (and when and why) has far-reaching benefits. No matter the scope or scale of a project, our process always weighs the intended audience(s) to ensure optimal reception of engagement and support.

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Brand Effect
If core identity is the hero in your brand story, then brand effect is the hero’s quest.
What impact will your brand make in definable and observable ways? How can we spell it out so it’s always in front of us, as we craft expression after expression? Brand effect is how your brand carries out its purpose in the world, in real, living color.
These five facets collectively represent our “Strategic Branding Landscape”. When intentionally crafted and cultivated, this serves as a navigation instrument that guides brand decisions and builds impressive, meaningful, and lasting brand efforts.
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