A solid gold offering requiring a rare yet real presence.

Julez Bryant exists to empower women. This is solid, substantive jewelry designed with passion for women who know who they are and what they want. For many of the brands we work with it takes some effort to find a fire within, not with Julez. Everything they do is forged with heart and determination. Our challenge was to refine and organize the spirit and energy within the operation into an authentic communication style and framework that could stand out in the overwrought world of fine jewelry.


Graceful continuity through intentional photography

From print and web to merchandising materials, the brand enjoys stylistic consistency in large part to a very deliberate photographic style. As if the jewelry itself wasn’t distinctive enough we worked tirelessly to ensure the color and graphic system along with photography all worked synergistically to distinguish all Julez Bryant communication.


Grit as the new glamour

In developing a visual identity system for Julez Bryant it was important to reflect the raw and imperfect beauty represented by the product. The brand is built upon a sentiment that true femininity is about strength and honesty. Just as the product is shaking up the world of fine jewelry, it was essential that the brand presentation assert itself against the delicate and the dainty.


“Bondir created a roadmap for Julez Bryant to forge roads ahead. They provided us with a detailed map to stay on task and not waiver from our corporate values. They helped us to quiet the noise and understand that every business decision is a branding decision and every branding decision is a business decision. Working with Bondir gave me the confidence to say ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ in business.”

Julez DeCosta, CEO/Founder

Positioning Platform
Messaging Framework

Visual ID System
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