Clove St Press

Breaking through the margin

A man and his machines reminding the world what real and correct actually feels like.

To most of the world letterpress printing is just something cute for business cards and wedding invitations. For Daniel Heffernan it’s no novelty, it is the truest form of printing—suitable across the spectrum of professional and personal communication. For Daniel, printmaking is the perfect confluence of art, science, and craft, providing a rewarding profession he never knew existed until an art school professor discovered his hidden obsession for letterforms and typestyle.

Breaking Through the Margin

Daniel and his printmaking studio, Clove St. Press, have been making progressive strides since the days of hand-cranking just a few prints an hour. He’s become a go-to resource for artists wanting to see their work memorialized in a material way, designers with the vision to translate pixels to pulp, and purveyors who know the impact of a well made product label or package. With this burgeoning reputation, Daniel saw an opportunity to ingrain some extra punch to the Clove St. brand experience.

Iron over Irony

We went into it thinking “letterpress…cool. Hipster, handcrafted, bespoke, boutique” Mr. Heffernan wasn’t having it, he set us straight right away. This isn’t about nostalgia or some hipster homage to small batch paper handling. Tailoring to fit and fine tuning the imprint is not only legitimate in contemporary applications but the most correct way to communicate across the medium of paper. It didn’t take long for us to climb aboard Daniel’s perspective and we dove right in by establishing a messaging framework, visual identity system and several hard hitting assets that accurately reflect the professionalism and passion pressed deeply into the character of Clove St Press.


“Bondir dove head first into my scattered thoughts and emerged with refined insight into our brand’s core. The way they mapped our identity and created an organized framework for our brand was more honest and potent than I could have ever expected. Not only did they develop sharp new visuals and language for Clove St Press but they delivered confidence and vision for the future of our brand.”

– Daniel Heffernan, Owner & Operator


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