A revolutionary startup founded on the implementation of ergonomics.

What began as a university class project evolved into an industry changing innovation. Even though Bosse had a fresh concept that made obvious sense, they were dealing with a bunch of tools stuck in a thousand year old status quo. Our task was to create and deliver communication assets that spoke with strength and credibility.


Intentional Design. Deliberate Results.

The Bosse visual identity system was crafted in tandem with product development. This allowed for a rich application to the tools themselves and offered a substantive basis to plan the brand elements around. The logo type is informed from heritage industrial style yet is paired with an elegant use of chromatic hues and supporting type to infuse modern relevance into all materials.


You don’t have to be big to be well built.

Bosse CEO Stephen Walden had to negotiate deals left and right and as his creative partners it was imperative that we provide materials robust enough to reinforce credibility and ensure this startup could leverage early momentum for maximum benefit.


“If there’s one thing my company did right, it was hiring Bondir. I receive weekly compliments on the branding of my company.  These guys are fun to work with, they interact with you to make sure the brand fits you, your company, and your products, and they are incredibly responsive, going over the top to make sure and hit every little detail.”

Stephen Walden, CEO, Founder

Messaging Framework
Visual ID System
Lifestyle + Product Photography
Print Collateral Design
Packaging Design

Physical Product Design
UI/UX Design
Web Development