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VCBO Architecture

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VCBO was at a unique inflection point when they came to Bondir to reimagine their brand: celebrating the last 50 years and poising their brand to take on the next 50. Renowned for imaginative and sustainable design in SLC, Utah, and around the globe, it was time to take the best of their history and lay a foundation for the future.
Since VCBO is a large firm spanning many generations, Bondir had an exciting opportunity and challenge in front of us—to create consensus that resonated on all levels of their 100+ person company. Mining their rich story and one-of-a-kind culture produced gems everyone could rally behind with conviction.
One thing became beautifully apparent as we worked with their leadership team: VCBO creates spaces for people to thrive. From this idea evolved a whole design system of timelessness balanced with modern flair, capturing their welcoming and innovation-oriented ethos. Crafting the new VCBO website was a highlight of the experience, and their online presence now strongly reflects both their elevated-and-fiery spirit and the vibrant spaces they create.

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Core Identity Development, Brand Architecture Design, Messaging + Copywriting, Website Design + Development


“Bondir’s brand discovery process was an incredible experience. From the beginning, they worked with our leadership to uncover 50 years of history and experience to create a visual identity and brand language that expresses VCBO at its core. Their human-centric approach allowed us to become more familiar with our own story and where we’re headed as a firm. As we celebrate our 50-year anniversary, Bondir has not only given us an updated brand, but a clear vision for our future.”

—Melissa Wood, COO

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