Where Bondir was born

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Bondir is a distributed team of remote workers that sketch, click, and craft from homes, coffee shops, and office spaces in places as far north as the Michigan Canadian border, east to the Carolinas, and west with a concentrated pocket of talent in Southern California—however our strongest "place" of connection is Southwest Utah.

Until recently, St. George and the surrounding area wasn’t a place many bragged about being from, and if we are being honest, we weren’t sure we’d be taken seriously as a legitimate branding team being so far removed from a major metro market. But distancing ourselves from our place of origin was never really an option. We are, after all, in the business of authenticity in identity.

More than half our team has personal or family connections to the area. For some, it’s a recent connection. For others, it goes back to the pioneer era. For those Bondirians that didn’t start with identity points distinct to this desert land, we coax them this way whenever we can to ensure they keep a little red sand in their shoes too.

We are, after all, in the business of authenticity in identity.

In the past few years, St. George and Southern Utah as a whole have entered a new state of national and international attention and awareness, and it’s a lot quicker to explain where it is we hail from. It’s a place that has always been known for beauty, and now it’s becoming known for its scrappy and innovative industry supported by hungry and creative talent pulsating within an energetic and optimistic community energy—and we are here for it and we are gonna stay here for it. We intend to always keep roots here. This is where Bondir was born and where our mail still comes.

While we can’t predict what our future looks like and where our future team members will live, there is a real good chance as they get on-Bondir-boarded they will get real familiar with the drive through the Virgin River Gorge and the sprawling airport complex that is SGU. And we will have to continue to be creative when they ask “What do people do here at night?”. It usually takes a minute to understand this place but when it clicks, when that connection is made, there is no more questioning why we choose to keep our shingle hanging beneath these red cliffs. Our figurative shingle that is.


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