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Bringing the intangible to life

They don’t call themselves ninjas, and you shouldn’t call them geeks.

They don’t call themselves ninjas, and you
shouldn’t call them geeks.

Slytrunk is a small, elite team of web and native app engineers. Millions of people each day engage online and in other digital environments conceived and constructed in the Slytrunk studio. This isn't the sort of kumbaya club that was looking to lay on the couch and have their inner brand examined, yet they came to Bondir to help shake the stigma of being considered just another dev shop.

An unseen code of integrity

As with all Bondir projects, we took a minute—or rather a few weeks to understand what drives these problem-solving, code-crafting, ever-evolving polymaths. It was frustratingly analog for some of the group as we had them answer questions independent of each other, then as a group contrast their various answers with their individual perspectives. That gave the Bondir team a rich download from which we were able to synthesize the data into a meaningful format. We confirmed some assumptions and dismissed a few others. We graduated from this discovery experience with a zeal for the client. This sincere conviction for the Slytrunk cause empowered our creative abilities to produce content that looks great, but is also on point in terms of substance.

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If an app could destroy a meteor headed for earth, 
this is the team to build it.

Slytrunk cares about the work they produce. They enjoy building well-crafted, high-performance products, and relish an opportunity to accomplish what others deem impossible. We organized these characteristics to be easily-referenced and shared across all brand experiences including client-facing presentations and especially recruiting, hiring and training. When building function-critical apps, proprietary platforms and communication frameworks—performance is everything. This is not the development team for shortcuts or shortcut-takers.

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Bringing the intangible to life

In developing the Slytrunk brand assets, we established a clear but narrow path of style and personality. The authentic appearance for Slytrunk needed to demonstrate sagacity and strength through geometry and color while still portraying the simple honesty baked into everything they do. Likewise, the messaging needed to be intelligent but human—demonstrating some of the teams endearing quirks without coming off as a lame "Big Bang" parody.


“We did most of the talking, while Bondir asked leading questions, peeling back the layers and assumptions we had built up over the years. From skeptics to believers—a process so transformative to the individuals involved, that the repercussions on our culture, confidence and brand are almost taken for granted. The success of the visual identity which followed was almost assured since it was built on a clarified platform of self understanding.”

– Ben Dalziel, Chief Product Officer

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